Warframe: Hard Mode Arrives This Weekend

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Warframe is going to be getting a hard mode that will be tested this weekend.

The new system, called Steel Path, will mostly feature higher-level challenges to aid in your quest for better loot.

Warframe Hard Mode

While details have been scarce, Digital Extremes says harder missions will be available, with exclusive rewards such as decorations and emotes, up for grabs if successfully completed.

If you’ve completed the solar map, you can sign up to test the Steel Path right now, but be quick – only 1,000 players are set to get access.

It seems as though the community are pretty stoked about the new hard mode. On the dedicated subreddit one gamer wrote:

Excited for it. Been wanting this type of thing for a while. Was never about the rewards to me, just a way to see warm-up enemies right away and not have to waste an hour+ just to get to that point.


Don't really care about the rewards personally. Just happy to finally get the star chart with higher-level enemies.

Another added: I’m more than happy to run through the star chart again if it means a good challenge.

For those new to Warframe, it’s a free-to-play shooter focused around gunplay and loot.

You’re a Tenno, a warrior who’s awoken from their cryo-slumber to find the solar system ravaged by war. Cue a ton of gunplay, shooting…. You know the drill.

Why should I care, you ask?

Well, fellow Warzone fan, Digital Extremes’ game has been my met with rave reviews. It’s very, very good. So, if you fancy a change from the sunny Verdansk countryside, there’s never been a better time to jump into Warframe.

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