Warframe: The Index - How To Farm Credits Fast

Warframe is a game with many Characters, Weapons, Planets to explore, and different mission modes. Initially an event and now a game mode, Warframe The Index is an endless Corpus Arena Mission organized by Nef Anyo and hosted by Cephalon Sark on Neptune, making Tenno fight against the elite Corpus for credits and other prizes.

Warframe The Index - Gameplay, And Mechanics

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Warframe The Index - Match, And Points

An Index match consists of an endless number of rounds that players can vote to continue or extract after each successful one. The goal of each round is to earn Index Points for the team, which are dropped by participants killed in battle and represented as glowing diamonds. Index Points can be collected by walking over them and then deposited to a designated bank location in order to earn the actual Index score.

Every point deposited will add 10 more seconds to the timer, prolonging the match duration, but when an enemy scores, the timer will go down by 10 seconds per point. A player can hold multiple Index Points at once and will gain bonus points for depositing large amounts at once. However, holding points will apply the Financial Stress debuff which reduces Tenno’s Health and Shields, constantly drains Energy, but provides a damage buff.

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Warframe The Index - Investment

Before entering the Index, you must select an Investment amount in Credits that each squad member must pay in order to enter. If the Tenno team wins the match by having more points than the opponent team of Anyo Corp but does not achieve the Point Target, their investment is reimbursed without interest for the last round. There are three different investments:

Difficulty Level
Win Condition
Investment Cost
Low Difficulty
50 Points
Credits 30,000
Credits 105,000
Credits 75,000
Medium Difficulty
75 Points
Credits 40,000
Credits 175,000
Credits 135,000
High Difficulty
100 Points
Credits 50,000
Credits 250,000
Credits 200,000

Player Group And Limitations
The Index must be played with 4 players, however randomized Warframe Specters will assist you and fill in unused spots on the team, such as Mag or Frost, with a small assortment of weapons and different customizations.

Health Orbs, Energy Orbs, and Ammo are only available at preset locations throughout the arena, spawning periodically. While Companions and Gear cannot be brought, Warframe weapons, abilities, and mods will still function normally. Players have infinite lives and will respawn after 5 seconds of being killed.

Warframe The Index Enemies - Anyo Corp

Anyo Corp, also known as Brokers, are elite Corpus units that participate in the Index to oppose the Tenno. All of them possess extremely durable Alloy Armor, considerably more formidable than regular Corpus units. They’re divided into 4 different groups, with each group being selected at random as the opponents for each game:

  • Trading Group
  • Reclamation Unit
  • Claims Investigation
  • Investor Relations

John Prodman
John Prodman is a legendary Corpus Prod Crewman that can be encountered in The Index after 1 hour has passed at any risk level. He drops an autographed poster when defeated, which can be placed in the Orbiter as a decoration once the mission is successfully completed.

Warframe The Index - Rewards

Aside from the bonus Credits earned from completing an Index match, all Brokers have a chance to drop Mods. These mods enhance Companions and are special augments for certain Corpus-originating weapons:

Flux Overdrive
Status Chance fluctuates between +150% and +250% over 5s while the beam is fired.
Kinetic Ricochet
Shots now bounce up to 6x and travel 30% further.
Medi-Pet Kit
+6 Heal Rate/s +72% Bleedout Reduction
Pain Threshold
+160% Faster Stagger Recovery
Shield Charger
Increases Max Shields by 60% and Shield Regeneration by 60% for 10s.
Static Discharge
Heavy Attacks electrify nearby enemies for Electricity Damage equal to 80% of weapon damage.
Thermagnetic Shells
Enemies explode on death, dealing 80 Magnetic Damage (+40% Enemy Max Health) in a 6m radius
Tether Grenades
Grenades tether up to 5 enemies from 9m away.

Warframe The Index - Tips For Beginners

Tip #1 - Invest only once
It is more profitable to stay in a match for several rounds rather than leave and enter constantly, since the investment is only paid once per match, and profit is earned for each round.

Tip #2 - Always go Magnetic
Remember, the enemies are Corpus, which means that they’re weak to Magnetic attacks. Weapons like Arca Plasmor are especially good here.

Tip #3 - Don’t be greedy
If you feel that it’s getting tighter to win or if too many players leave, just leave, you can start the rounds again, otherwise you may unnecessarily lose the next round.

Tip #4 - Again, don’t be greedy
This also applies to Index Points. The debuff can get potentially worse the more points you get, so always try to bank the points fairly soon.

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