Warframe - Operation: Plague Star Guide

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Warframe is a game with many Characters, Weapons, Planets to explore, and different mission modes. Within a universe as rich as Warframe’s Origin System, we get to face different threats through numerous events. Warframe Operation: Plague Star is one of those events, and today we will talk about it.

Operation: Plague Star is a reoccurring event introduced in 2017. Players were tasked to destroy an Infested meteorite that crashed in the Plains of Eidolon, with its passengers threatening to overwhelm both Ostron and Grineer alike. Since that first event, the Infested "boiled" regrowing every several months, and the Tenno are called on to cull it once more.


Warframe Operation: Plague Star - Event Synopsis

A mysterious meteorite crashes outside of Cetus, revealing a horrific boil that grows, and the Ostrons have sighted Infested life forms emerging from it. Konzu has received reports that Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil but the villain won’t help, since he wants to get rid of the Ostrons.

Players are then tasked with stealing the Toxin to using it on the boil through the completion of four phases.

Phase 1
First, you must raid the Toxin storage, which is located in one of the many Caves scattered across the Plains of Eidolon, with the storage unit usually at the end of the cave.

Phase 2
Once the toxin is obtained, you must head to a mixing machine that will spawn in an Armored Vault, in a given Grineer outpost. After you put the toxin in the mixer, you must defend it for 3 minutes from Grineer troops. During this phase, you can use an Eidolon Phylaxis or Infested Catalysts to increase the Standing reward, which will also increase the difficulty later.

Phase 3
With the Toxin is mixed, you now must head to a downed Grineer Drone that will deliver the Toxin to the boil. As with Drone Hijack missions, the drone must be defended from Grineer and Infested attackers as it travels to the goal.

Phase 4
When the Drone reaches the boil, hordes of Infested enemies will spawn to defend it. You must stand your ground while the Toxin poisons the boil, and the difficulty of this phase may vary depending on what did you do in Phase 2. For every Eidolon Phylaxis used, both the density and level range of the Infested increases, and for every Infested Catalyst used, a Hemocyte will spawn at specific points, pausing the percentage gauge until you defeat it.

Once the gauge fills entirely, the mission finishes, awarding you different amounts of Standing based on how many Eidolon Phylaxis/Infested Catalysts were used.

Rhino wielding the new Grineer Ghoulsaw

Warframe Operation: Plague Star - Event Rewards

Event Syndicate - Operational Supply

Operational Supply is a Syndicate that is active only during Operation: Plague Star. You obtain standing for this Syndicate by playing the Operation as many times as needed, and the base standing reward is 1,000, with an extra 250 rewarded per Eidolon Phylaxis and 250 per Infested Catalyst used. The syndicate's own rank system goes as follows:

Rank & Title Benefits Cost to rank up Max. Amount of Standing
NeutralAccess to base wares-1000
CollaboratorAccess to Rank 1 wares One free Rank 1 item from Operational SupplyStanding x1000, Credits x5000, Grokdrul x102000
DefenderAccess to Rank 2 wares One free Rank 2 item from Operational SupplyStanding x2000, Credits x10000, Iradite x103000
ChampionAccess to Rank 3 wares One free Rank 3 item from Operational SupplyStanding x3000, Credits x20000, Nistlepod x10494000

Players can select their Operation Rewards by talking with Nakak in Cetus, during Operation: Plague Star. By upgrading the Syndicate's rank, players can spend the Standing gained on the following rewards:

Reward Rank Required Cost
Fosfor Blau x20NeutralStanding 250 + Credits 500
Fosfor Rahd x20NeutralStanding 250 + Credits 500
Plague Star EmblemNeutralStanding 500 + Credits 1,000
Cetus WispNeutralStanding 750 + Credits 1,500
Radian SentirumNeutralStanding 750 + Credits 1,500
Heart NythNeutralStanding 750 + Credits 1,500
Murkray LiverNeutralStanding 750 + Credits 1,500
Norg BrainNeutralStanding 750 + Credits 1,500
Cuthol TendrilsNeutralStanding 750 + Credits 1,500
FulminationNeutralStanding 1,500 + Credits 3,500
SacrificeNeutralStanding 1,500 + Credits 3,500
FormaNeutralStanding 1,500 + Credits 3,500
Eidolon Phylaxis x5 (Blueprint)CollaboratorStanding 2,000 + Credits 4,000
Snipetron (Blueprint)CollaboratorStanding 3,000 + Credits 5,000
Ether Daggers (Blueprint)CollaboratorStanding 3,000 + Credits 5,000
Exodia ContagionDefenderStanding 5,000 + Credits 1,500
Exodia EpidemicDefenderStanding 5,000 + Credits 1,500
Plague Akwin BlueprintChampionStanding 2,000 + Credits 3,500
Plague Keewar BlueprintChampionStanding 2,000 + Credits 3,500
Plague Bokwin BlueprintChampionStanding 2,000 + Credits 3,500
Plague Kripath BlueprintChampionStanding 2,000 + Credits 3,500

Operation: Plague Star Special Reward - Hemocyte Drops

After defeating the Hemocyte, it may drop one of six mods of the Hunter Mod Set, as follows:

Mod Name Effect Category
Hunter Munitions+30% chance to apply Slash on Critical. Set Bonus: +25% Companion Damage on enemies affected by Slash.Primary Weapon
Hunter AdrenalineConvert +45% of Damage on Health to Energy. Set Bonus: +25% Companion Damage on enemies affected by Slash.Warframe
Hunter Recovery+30% Companion Lifesteal-Link. Set Bonus: +25% Companion Damage on enemies affected by Slash.Beast Companion
Hunter Synergy+30% Critical Chance-Link. Set Bonus: +25% Companion Damage on enemies affected by Slash.Beast Companion
Hunter CommandApplying a Slash Status to an enemy causes the Companion to attack them for 6s. Set Bonus: +25% Companion Damage on enemies affected by Slash.Beast Companion
Hunter Track+30% Status Duration. Set Bonus: +25% Companion Damage on enemies affected by Slash.Primary Weapon

The Hemocyte will also drop a Hemocyte Cystolith, a necessary component for constructing a Clan trophy.

And that's all you need to know about Warframe Operation: Plague Star! While you're here, you can check out our useful Yareli, Nidus, and Sevagoth guides, or keep an eye on our Prime Vault and Prime Access guide so you don't miss on the returning and upcoming items!