Does Oculus Quest 2 Work With PS5?

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If you'd like to know if the Oculus Quest 2 can work with PS5, then we've got you covered.

Here's everything you need to know, including what VR headsets can work with the PS5 at the moment.

Does Oculus Quest 2 Work With PS5?

Unfortunately, the Quest 2, much like the Rift, does not work with PS5. There isn't any official way to get the Quest 2 to output from the PS5 either, although if you do want to, there is a partial workaround.

You can purchase the VIrtual Desktop app for the Quest 2, and then run PS Remote Play on your PC. Once you've started running it, it's a case of mirroring your PC screen to your headset.

This isn't an ideal solution by any means, given the inherent latency issues, but if you want to try it, then the option is there. The scale of any latency issues will depend on what games you play in that slower games are likely to play fine, but with faster-paced titles, it could become an issue.

What VR Headsets Work With PS5?

As things stand, there's only one headset that currently works with the PS5, which is the original PSVR headset, which has not been discontinued and can actually run better on PS5 than on the PS4 with speedier load times.


This is likely to change in 2022 with the PSVR 2 releases, and it looks to have quite a powerful spec sheet that may include 4K OLED microdisplays if a recent Sony prototype is to be believed, alongside controllers with haptic feedback like the DualSense controller does.

What Platforms Does The Oculus Quest 2 Work On?

The Oculus Quest 2 can work with or without a PC, making it quite a versatile headset overall. In short, it can work by itself or with a PC, which can allow it to play Steam games including Half-Life: Alyx and Pavlov VR.


The fact it can work without a PC also puts the Quest 2 ahead in the battle with the Rift S, especially with a vast library of games that can be played directly on the headset including Beat Saber and Skyrim VR. There are also some great ones to look forward to like Cities VR, too.

We'll be back with you soon with more VR news, guides and info, so be sure to check back in with us soon, and don't forget that the Meta Quest 3 looks to be on the way if you're looking to try out the next generation of VR gaming when the headset's release date does come around.

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