Oculus Quest 2 Will Soon Support Wireless PC VR

Oculus have announced a bunch of new features coming to the Version 28 update to it's Oculus Quest headsets, chief amongst them the ability to play PC VR games completely wirelessly.

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Oculus Quest 2 Will Soon Support Wireless PC VR

Until now, players who want to utilise the added hardware of their gaming PC to access the full Rift library of games have had to connect their Quest headset using a Quest Link USB cable.

The new Air Link connection though, will allow players to enjoy the freedom of movement allowed by a wireless connection, without limiting themselves to the titles available natively on the Quest - provided of course they can meet the technical requirements.

Specifically, Oculus recommend using a trusted 5Ghz network on an AC or AX router, connected via ethernet cable to your PC. And ensure your PC meets the standard Oculus Link requirements, naturally.

Air Link will be available once the version 28 update has been rolled out for both PC and Quest, and you'll have to enable it within the settings of both the PC app and headset.

Elsewhere in the update, Oculus have also revealed that the Quest will now support 120Hz, for those developers that decide to utilise it. Whilst the system applications will continue to run at 90Hz, players who enable 120Hz in the settings may get an even smoother experience on some games and apps in future. Some developers shipped updates when 90Hz was unlocked across the platform, so we'd expect some 120Hz updates in future too.

Lastly, there's also a bunch of changes rolling out for Infinite Office, allowing you to bring your physical desk and keyboard into the virtual space, allowing you to feel more connected.

Oculus say they'll be rolling out the Version 28 update 'soon', though do warn that Air Link is currently an experimental feature that they'll be updating regularly going forward.

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