New PS5 PSVR controllers look out of this world

If it wasn't already apparent, Sony is going all-in on virtual reality.

Though the original PSVR unit didn't exactly pull up any trees, it did garner a loyal following of fans.

That dedication to the medium was rewarded with news earlier this year that Sony would dive back into the world of VR with a new iteration of their PlayStation VR hardware. 

Though the existing headset does work for PS5, this new unit was being specifically mentioned as Sony's "next-generation virtual reality system".

Now the company have gone one step further, unveiling a first look at the new controller that the company says "will play a critical role in providing gamers with the VR experience we’re working to deliver."

As you can see, the new controllers look pretty out there, but at the core of the peripheral is Sony's new desire to achieve "a much deeper sense of presence and a stronger feeling of immersion in VR experiences"; which isn't all that different to the goals of the DualSense controller.

Supposedly these spherical VR controllers will also introduce a greater sense of 'touch' together with the new headset.

We've probably waffled long enough, so let's give you the full spec rundown, courtesy of Sony's PlayStation blog.

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PSVR 2 New Controller Features

"The new VR controller enables players to feel and interact with games in a much more visceral way. There are several features, including key features from the DualSense controller, which match our vision for what next-generation VR games can be."

Adaptive triggers: Each VR controller (Left and Right) includes an adaptive trigger button that adds palpable tension when pressed, similar to what’s found in the DualSense controller. If you’ve played a PS5 game, you’ll be familiar with the tension in the L2 or R2 buttons when you press them, such as when you’re drawing your bow to fire an arrow. When you take that kind of mechanic and apply it to VR, the experience is amplified to the next level.

Haptic feedback: The new controller will have haptic feedback optimized for its form factor, making every sensation in the game world more impactful, textured and nuanced. When you’re traversing through rocky desert or trading blows in melee combat, you’ll feel the difference, magnifying the extraordinary visual and audio experience that’s so central to VR.

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Finger touch detection: The controller can detect your fingers without any pressing in the areas where you place your thumb, index, or middle fingers. This enables you to make more natural gestures with your hands during gameplay.

Tracking: The VR controller is tracked by the new VR headset through a tracking ring across the bottom of the controller.

Action buttons / analog sticks: The Left controller contains one analog stick, the triangle and square buttons, a “grip” button (L1), trigger button (L2) and Create button. The Right controller contains one analog stick, the cross and circle buttons, a “grip” button (R1), trigger button (R2) and Options button. The “grip” button can be used to pick up in-game objects, as one example.

PSVR 2 New Controller Release Date

According to Sony, prototypes of the new VR controller will be in the hands of the development community "soon".

This would suggest there's still plenty of time to go before we can expect to get our mitts on these bad boys ourselves.

For now, stay tuned for more details as we get it.

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