Mark Zuckerberg Confirms An "Oculus Quest Pro" Could Offer Face And Eye Tracking

Facebook's made serious strides into VR these last few years. Having acquired Oculus in 2014, they've been pushing the Oculus Quest 2 hard, the wireless standalone headset that's now replaced their PC-specific Rift models. Mark Zuckerberg's previously outlined preparations for Quest 3 and 4, but before that, we could be getting a "Pro" model.

Speaking with CNET for an interview, Facebook's CEO advised the Oculus Quest Pro could include sensors for both facial and eye tracking. Talking about this further, Zuckerberg advised these could be fundamental features, helping to create a “sense of presence” and “social connection” for users.

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Mark Zuckerberg Confirms An "Oculus Quest Pro" Could Offer Face And Eye Tracking

He doesn't go as far as directly promising these for a Quest Pro, but it's clear Facebook are interested in taking things their VR tech a step further. If implemented, that'd mark the first time an Oculus device has ever used this tech, though HTC's one step ahead with their Vive Pro Eye and face tracker add-on.

Unfortunately, we don't have more specific information just yet, as Zuckerberg makes it clear this new headset is still in development. He did confirm it'll be “a little more expensive” than the Quest 2 - which retails for £300 - but we'll have to wait on further details.

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