Valorant: Voice Actors and Cast

Valorant Agents Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Raze, Cypher, and Brimstone are shown.

Valorant is the tactical, team-based FPS, brought to use by Riot Games during 2020. Despite being a relatively new game with a lot of other hero-shooter titles to compete with, Valorant's popularity has continued to soar. For more dedicated fans, infatuations with the diverse and colourful array of Agents have begun, leading many players to wonder who is actually behind the voice lines of each character.

In this guide, we list all of Valorant's voice actors and cast.

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All Valorant Voice Actors and Cast

There's currently 18 Agents – plus the Announcer – in Valorant at the time of writing, and there are likely more to come in the future. We have listed all the current voice actors below in alphabetical order (of their character name), and shared more details about them!

Announcer - Cynthia Kaye McWilliams

You may be wondering who the Announcer is in Valorant, as technically, they aren't a character. However, the Announcer is the one declaring important callouts throughout your matches, and announcing your defeat or victory. Whenever you or your friend land that colossal clutch or ace, it's Cynthia Kaye McWilliams voice you're likely cheering over!

Astra - Effie Nkrumah

Ghanaian Controller, Astra, is one of the most underrated Agents in Valorant and is incredibly powerful when used correctly. Astra is voiced by Effie Nkrumah, a Ghanaian-Australian artist, and it's clear to see that Nkrumah was perfect for the job. Her work in poetry, dance, and more regularly address Ghanaian culture, racial constructs, and diaspora. It makes sense that a strong Agent such as Astra would have an influential, creative Ghanaian woman behind her!

Valorant Agents, Astra and Cypher.
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Breach - David Menkin

While Breach is a Swedish Agent, voice actor David Menkin is actually Norwegian, which makes Sova's voice lines all the more impressive. David has been voice acting for over two decades, so his abilities come as no surprise.

In fact, David's list of prior work is so incredibly long. He's worked on childrens shows such as Bob the Builder and Thomas & Friends, while also appearing in successful feature films such as Zero Dark Thirty. The actor and voice actor is no stranger to video games either. His list of appearances include Battlefield 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, and World of Warcraft, as well as Valorant.

Brimstone - Steve Blum

The leader of the pack, Brimstone, is an American veteran voiced by the acclaimed Steve Blum. Steve Blum is no stranger to the industries of voice acting or video games, having appeared in plenty prior to Valorant.

His credits include the likes of Dota 2, Mortal Kombat, Maplestory, and appearances in popular series such as Halo, The Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty, and Warcraft. He also has an abundance of credits across films, shows, anime, and holds the Guinness World Record for the most video game voice acting credits.

Chamber - Hugo Pierre Martin

Chamber is the newest addition to Valorant, but players may recognise his voice from elsewhere. There isn't too much known about Hugo Pierre Martin, but he does appear in sci-fi Western, Westworld, and has voiced characters in prolific games such as Shin Megami Tensei and Ghost of Tsushima. So, he's no stranger to the industry.

Cypher - Nabil Elouahabi

Moroccan Agent, Cypher, is voiced by the also-Moroccan Nabil Elouahabi. Cypher isn't someone who crops up regularly in matches, but fans are in loving adoration of the mysterious Sentinel's smooth voice. Valorant is the first video game that Nabil has played a part in, and his previous work includes the likes of popular long-running television shows, such as Eastenders and Casualty.

Jett - Shannon Arrum Williams

Jett is voiced by the British-Korean star, Shannon Arrum Williams, who tends to solely go by Shannon. Having previously been a K-POP idol, emerging into stardom after her appearance on SBS's Star King over a decade ago, she now is an avid Twitch streamer. Since having voiced Jett, Shannon has amassed over 250,000 Twitch followers, and regularly plays Valorant herself.

KAY/O - Gabe Kunda

You'll notice that the voice of KAY/O is rather robotic, which is fitting considering he is deemed to be a machine. However, the man behind the machine's voice lines is Texan-born Gabe Kunda, whose voice lines were edited in the process. For anime fans, his voice may be rather recognisable, considering he is no stranger to voice acting; Gabe has provided dubbed voice-acting for the likes of My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, as well as other video games.

Killjoy - Eva Feiler

Killjoy is the German engineer Sentinel Agent who never lets her comrades forget about the expanse of her technology in her voice lines. Eva Feiler is the voice behind Killjoy. Her main career lies within acting, having appeared in The Crown, and Father Brown, while also having parts in various Shakespearean theater productions, too. Eva has also voiced a Warhammer audiobook on top of all this!

Valorant Agents, Phoenix and Viper in a gunfight on the Split map.
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Neon - Vanille Velasquez

Hailing in from the Philippines, Vanille Velasquez is no stranger to voice acting, and began her career at the young age of 11 years old. She has plenty of experience with video game voice acting and dubbing shows already, and certainly did a great job of giving Neon plenty of life and character. Vanille said during her Riot Games interview, "this is a milestone for Filipino representation in video games," regarding the introduction of Neon to Valorant during Act 1 of Episode 4, and she isn't wrong.

Omen - Jason Marnocha

The voice actor of the mysterious Omen isn't so mysterious when it comes to his career. Jason Marnocha is an established American voice actor with appearances in varies anime dubs and other video games. These include, but aren't limited to: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, One Punch Man, and Hunter x Hunter. As for games, Jason has made appearances in World of Warcraft and Smite, too.

Phoenix - Afolabi Alli

Fans seem to typically love or hate the voice lines from Phoenix, and this typically seems to depend on whether you're a fan of the British accent or not. London-based Duelist Phoenix is voiced by Afolabi Alli. Afolabi primarily works in theater, having starred in a dozen prolific plays hosted by the Royal Shakespeare Company in London.

Raze - Carolina Ravassa

Carolina Ravassa, the Columbion voice actor behind the Brazilian Duelist, Raze, is no stranger to the gaming community. The actor also voices Sombra in Overwatch, and has made appearances in Grand Theft Auto V and Cyberpunk 2077 more recently. As if that wasn't impressive enough, Carolina also has appeared in various shows and short films, including Mr. Robot.

Reyna - Karina Altamirano

The Mexican Duelist, Reyna, can always be intimidating to come up against in Valorant. However, Spanish voice actor, Karina Altamirano, is far from frightening. The upcoming voice actor has done work for anime shows One Piece and Dragon Ball to name a few. She also had dabbled with playing Valorant herself, and was teaming up to duo with fellow voice actor, Carolina Ravassa, during the game's release.

Sage - Naomi Yang

Chinese-born Sentinel who is sworn to protect her allies, Sage, is a popular pick amongst beginners and appears in almost every Valorant lobby. Sage is voiced by Beijing-born and Manchester-raised Naomi Yang, who is a talented actress outside of voicing one of Valorant's most popular characters. Naomi's credits include various popular television and Netflix series, including Brave New World, The Salisbury Poisonings, and Wolfe.

Skye - Miranda O'Hare

Australian Agent, Skye, has a memorable voice that many Valorant players will try to mimic at the best of times. This voice is provided by Miranda O'Hare, who has been training as an actress since she was 12 years old, and now has a very popular TikTok presence following her role in Valorant. She's appeared in various television series and short films, including popular Australian soap opera, Home and Away. Now, you can even catch her streaming on occasion.

Valorant Agents left to right: Brimstone, Raze, Phoenix, Sage, Omen, Viper, Sova, Jett, Breach, and Cypher.
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Sova - Aaron Vodovoz

Born in the United Kingdom, but to Russian parents, Aaron Vodovoz is the man behind the recon-expert we call Sova. An established actor with over two decades worth of credits, Valorant was Aaron's first video-game appearance. His biggest acting appearances have been in The King's Man, Killing Eve, and Messiah. However, he also has a role in the upcoming Tetris film due in 2022.

Viper - Ashly Burch

Viper is an American Agent whose specialities lie with toxins, and her dramatic voice lines are provided by Ashly Burch. Ashly is no stranger to voice acting, and has become one of the most prolific voice actors in video games over the past decade.

As it stands, Ashly has voiced Tiny Tina of the Borderlands series, and is voicing the character in the upcoming game, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. She's also made appearances in Fortnite, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Saint's Row.

Yoru - Daisuke Takahashi

The illusive Yoru is a Japanese Duelist voiced by Daisuke Takahashi. Daisuke – not to be mixed up with the Olympic figure skater of the same name – is an established voice actor. He is most well known for having voiced characters in anime shows Devilman: Crybaby, Kuruko's Basketball, and Wake Up, Girls! Daisuke has also voiced characters in Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.

There you have it. Those are the many voices behind the diverse array of Agents in Valorant, and we certainly hope you enjoyed learning a little more about them. For more Valorant content, check out our guides on rank distribution, how to get better at the game, and how to play a Deathmatch.

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