Valorant's Newest Skin-line for Episode 2 Act 3: Forsaken

Valorant's newest skin-line to drop would be Forsaken in Episode 2 Act 3. They would be the dark-evil edgy counter-part to the existing Sovereign cosmetics in the game.

While the Sovereign skins showcase light and purity, Forsaken would be the complete opposite. When asked about the thematic, Valorant's Art Lead- Sean Marino, quoted-

"We really loved Sovereign as a thematic and had built some loose "skin lore" around the theme when designing that original skin. We imagined a world where a bird-like race ruled a kingdom in the clouds, with the royal family's guard using the Sovereign guns (instead of swords) to protect them.
We asked ourselves what would happen if one of those guards broke his oath, became corrupted, and was then banished. With that story in our minds, we approached Forsaken to be the dark side of Sovereign, which meant it was still beautiful and delicate like Sovereign, but dark, edgy, and ultimately tragic. "

Forsaken Bundle in Valorant: Price and Guns

A look at different weapons in the Forsaken Valorant guns.
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Forsaken Bundle in Valorant

The Forsaken Bundle would have the following weapons in its arsenal. Here is a list of the weapons and extra things to unlock this new Bundle in the game.

  1. Vandal
  2. Operator
  3. Spectre
  4. Classic
  5. Forsaken Ritual Blade (melee)
  6. An accessory bundle that contains a card, spray, and gun buddy.

The price of the bundle will be the standard price of 7100 VP in the game.

Forsaken weapon upgrades in Valorant

Kill Banners in Valorant's Forsaken
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Kill Banners in Valorant's Forsaken

Players can upgrade various weapons in the Forsaken bundle to unlock new animations and styles for the game. Here is a look at everything that we know so far:

Level 1: Model with custom ADS reticle and custom bullet ejectables
Level 2: Custom muzzle flash VFX and fire audio; idle gem effect (gem swirls)
Level 3: Custom equip VFX/Audio; custom reload VFX/Audio (cracks appear); custom inspect audio; gem reacts on kill
Level 4: Kill Banner and Finisher
Level 5: Chroma with gold model and blue VFX (v1); Finisher and Kill Banner are themed based on Sovereign theme.

Talking about the inspiration of the Forsaken skin-line, Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer of Valorant said-

"We wanted the connection between the two skin lines to be so familiar that the items in the accessory bundle are likewise mirror images of one another. In the cards specifically, the Sovereign soldier kneels in fealty and the corrupted Forsaken one rises to fight."
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