Valorant Working On Account Leveling System

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Valorant seems like it has everything it needs to be the perfect FPS.

But Riot is constantly working on new features and mechanics to improve the state of their game.

One of those features is an account level.

Valorant Getting An Account Leveling System

According to a well known Valorant leaker, Riot is working on an Account Leveling system for its tactical shooter.


This is something that exists in a lot of games, particularly FPS titles, where your account has an overarching level.


It's handy for matching players of a similar level/skill in more casual playlists.

Everyone is currently level 1 according to @ValorLeaks.

You'll be able to see your friend's account level on your friend's list when it releases.

There is no release date for this feature, but it's coming at some point in the future.