Valorant Winterwunderland Skin Bundle: Price, Release Date And More

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The holidays are always a great time for gamers, most titles will release updates with a winter theme.

Riot is one of the many to do so, and they recently revealed new Winterwunderland skins!


Keep reading to find out everything you need to know including price, what they look like and more.

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Winterwunderland Skin Bundle

Valorant Art Lead Sean Marino wanted to give this skin set a personal touch.

The bundle was inspired by his trip to Europe in the winter, he “wanted to capture that same idyllic feeling with this skin, as if you are looking inside a literal snowglobe of a small winter town.”


Each gun will cost 1,275 VP and the melee skin costs 2,550 VP.


The bundle itself will cost 5,100 VP.

Included in the bundle are the items below:


  • Ghost
  • Marshal
  • Phantom
  • Vandal
  • Melee

Release date

You can buy the Winterwunderlands bundle and skins from December 9th.


Below are some images of each skin.







Each of the skins changes depending on the lighting.

Marino said they “really wanted to push the bar in terms of what we achieved with Nebula through some prototype testing of tech and shadows. That’s how we had the idea to set up the skin so that the scene would change from a daytime scene to a night scene based on whether you were in a lighter or darker portion of the map.”