Valorant: What Do T And CT Mean

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Valorant is one of the most popular online games today even if it was just released last June 2020. Now with it already nearing its first year since release, there are still some terms in the game that many may not understand at first glimpse.

This includes the terms T and CT. If you are playing Valorant then there is a big chance that you already heard these terms. But what do these letters mean in the game?

Keep reading to know what T and CT mean in Valorant.

What Do T And CT Mean In Valorant?

If you hear someone call T or CT while playing, then they are referring to either the attackers or defender’s side.

T represents the attackers, while CT is for the defenders. So, if you get to hear these terms while a game is active, then it just means that your teammates just call which side your team is assigned.

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