Valorant: How Do Drops Work? How Can You Get Twitch Beta Keys?

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Valorant, Riot Games' class-based tactical shooter, is finally in beta and that means you can play it right now – if you can get a hold of a key.

If you've been following Twitch streamers and looking for a drop, i.e. a beta key, here's how it works.

Valorant: How Twitch Drops Work

In a new blog post from the Valorant team, Riot Games has discussed the challenges of meeting the incredible demand for beta access.

The key thing to note is this part: "Once you’ve passed a certain threshold of a couple hours watched on those streams (it’s roughly 2 and we are tracking by total VALORANT stream view time), you’re eligible for a Closed Beta entitlement drop."

That doesn't mean it'll arrive instantly, of course, but if you've already been engrossed in watching the best players test out the game, you might already be in line for access.

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