Valorant: Summit1g Explains How Riot Made A Character Perfect For Him

It appears that Riot has designed a Valorant character that suits Summit’s playstyle perfectly, especially when you consider the 1G curse that looms over him.

Summit1g's molotov curse goes all the way back to his CSGO days, where the former pro suffered an infamous death at the hands of his own incendiary grenade in a high-stakes elimination match at DreamHack Austin.

It seems the aptly named ‘1G Curse’ is still haunting him during his streaming on Twitch, as a similar scenario unfolded during a game of Call of Duty: Warzone. 


However, it seems Riot has released the perfect character for Summit in the form of Phoenix. Lazar joked about how Phoenix is essentially Summit-proof. 

“So the thing about the molotovs in this game, is if you’re playing Phoenix your molotovs hurt your teammates and they hurt your enemies, but they heal you!”

“I’ve been waiting to tell you guys that for so long,” Summit joked. “Imagine me, having to wait to tell you guys that we don’t have to worry about the molotov from ourselves, you know what I mean?”

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