"I Actually Got Scammed Now" - VALORANT Store Bug Took TenZ's Money But Didn't Give Him His Purchase

VALORANT had an issue with its store system that hurt customers' wallets. Taking your money and not giving you your purchase is the worst thing a game's store system can do, but that's what happened. Despite only seeming to affect the butterfly knife purchase, the store has been closed until further notice.

In the end, Valorant admitted its faults, but TenZ managed to capture the issue live on stream. TenZ must have been glad he had solid proof that it actually happened. In the video below, the streamer expressed what we all feel: "I actually got scammed."

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VALORANT Store bug took the money and didn't give items

TenZ was adding a butterfly knife to his collection, which is currently popular. Popularity comes from the animation, not necessarily from the kill. He could not get his item since there was a glitch in the VALORANT store, but that didn't stop it from taking his money.

Video found by Dexerto:

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The company had this to say on Twitter:

It is the scene where TenZ frantically searches for his knife in his possessions that is most relatable. As everyone else would do in that situation, we would automatically assume that the purchase had to go through. TenZ, in his scared state:

"Did I unlock the knife? Where is it? Is this a glitch? Wait wait wait, wait hold on--Is this a glitch? Wait I--My money, it just gotten taken. I don't see it chat… I actually got scammed!"

Hopefully, VALORANT will fix this issue soon, but it doesn't seem safe to buy items from that game until then. I'd wait until the next patch before purchasing any new items from its store.

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