Valorant SMG Weapon Guide: How to use every submachine gun in Riot Games' new shooter

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Valorant, Riot Games' class-based tactical shooter, is finally out and that means you can play it right now!

While there are plenty of abilities that players can use, pulling the trigger is still key. Here's our guide to the game's SMGs (or submachine-guns).


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Valorant: SMG Weapons Guide

There are two SMGs available in Valorant. Here's a quick guide to each.

Which SMG will you opt for?


  • Low accuracy and range
  • 'Spray and pray' style weapon that fires quickly.
  • Controlled bursts or up-close trigger-spamming is the order of the day.


  • Decent headshot damage
  • Impressive accuracy at short and mid-range but pales compared to rifles at anything further
  • Again, fire in bursts!