Valorant Pistols Weapon Guide: How to use every pistol in Riot Games' new shooter

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Valorant, Riot Games' class-based tactical shooter, is finally out and that means you can play it right now!

While there are plenty of abilities that players can use, pulling the trigger is still key. Here's our guide to the game's array of pistols.


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Valorant: Pistol Weapons Guide

Also known as Sidearms, there are multiple pistols available in Valorant. Here's a quick guide to each.

Expect to use pistols often


  • Some spray when firing quickly
  • Slow and steady shooting rhythm required
  • Two shots to kill - one head, one body.


  • Seven rounds
  • Close-range only
  • One-shot kills when close


  • Machine pistol with plenty of recoil
  • 13 bullets in the magazine
  • Close and mid-range


  • One hit kills on unshielded enemies from an impressive distance
  • Aim for the head, and try to fire slowly


  • One-shot headshot kills on even shielded enemies
  • Body shots require around three for a kill
  • Need to maintain a rhythm, and avoid pulling the trigger too regularly