Valorant: Omen glitch allows him to climb walls

Valorant's closed beta has been incredibly popular, but that doesn't mean Riot Games' first-person shooter doesn't need some tweaking.

Enterprising players have stumbled upon a glitch that lets new character Omen climb walls like everyone's friendly neighbourhood Spiderman – at least on the Split map.

Reddit user Arrkey posted footage of the glitch, and it revolves around using Omen's Ultimate Ability to teleport right next to a wall and a rope. That means you won't be able to pull it off in every round, but it essentially lets Omen move up and down the wall while still being able to fire his weapon.

In a game that's all about checking your corners, having one character capable of such vertical movement is unlikely to last long – but be sure to check up high when possible to ensure you aren't caught out.

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