Valorant: NRG Esports Announces Daps' Departure From The Team

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NRG Esports’ announced today the departure of Damian “Daps” Steele from their Valorant team after nearly 8 months of playing as part of their official roster.

Daps’ Decision Revealed

The team revealed Daps’ decision on their official Twitter account where they mentioned that it was his decision to step down from the team.


NRG’s tweet was retweeted by Daps himself, where he added that the main reason behind his departure from the team is that he was no longer enjoying his time to play competitively.

“It’s been no secret to the people around me that I just don’t enjoy playing anymore, which was the main reason to my choice,” Daps said.


Daps Before His Valorant Stint

Daps first emerged as a professional CS:GO player where he also joined NRG in 2016. He also became the team’s coach in 2017 but was replaced in 2019. Daps was then acquired by Gen.G Esports to play for their revived CS:GO roster before he returned to NRG as a Valorant player.

The Future Of NRG Esports In Valorant

With Daps now gone from their Valorant team, NRG Esports is left with four of their original players.They might also be eyeing for a replacement to complete their line-up. NRG struggled to qualify on some of the major Valorant tournaments in North America, although the Valorant Masters VCT Stage Three could be their next target where their new player could make his or her debut.


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