Valorant's New Agent Killjoy Leaks Again, Likely Coming With Act 2

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Valorant's next agent, Killjoy, looks to have leaked again courtesy of erstwhile data miner Mang0eLeaks, with the new character allegedly joining as part of the next Act.

"Voice-lines were added to characters such as Reyna, Cypher, and Breach for the upcoming and unreleased agent, 'Killjoy'," the leaker explained on Reddit.

Killjoy Coming As Part of Act 2?

ValorantExpress collated the voice lines, and you can hear them below.

New Voicelines were added for some characters, and they all reference Killjoy! I have included a summary of the audio below the title in the video. Super Cool!
— Valorant Express - Valorant Leaks And News (@ValorantExpress)
July 22, 2020

This isn't the first time Killjoy has been referenced. Just a couple of weeks ago, audio files and even an animation for the character were found within the game's files. Check out the full story here.

Of course, Riot has kept fans guessing with the game's files also littered with cancelled characters. Earlier this week, fans uncovered two agents before Riot shot down their hopes of a Captain America-style shield-throwing character.