08 Apr 2021 8:49 AM +00:00

Valorant: How To Select Preferred Servers For Better Ping

Valorant’s Act 3 is rolling out across the world, with many players finding new features to play with.

One of the new features is the option to select a preferred server(s) to play, giving players all the room, they need to click heads without wondering if the ping is going to make you miss your shot.

Getting access to a preferred server is easy, and we will show you exactly how in this guide.

How To Select Preferred Servers In Valorant

First off, you need to launch Valorant and enter the main menu screen.

From there, you click on the play tab and open the lobby screen.

On the lobby screen, the player will find the game modes, Unranked, Competitive, Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and custom game.

Clicking on any of the game modes except Custom Game will give you a green latency symbol on your lobby menu.

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If you hover your mouse over this symbol, it will come up with server select screen, and you can tick as many or as little preferred servers as possible.

The screen also provides useful current latency to those servers, so you can pick what is best for you.

For North America, there are severs all over the States, allowing players better connectivity options if they so wish.

For Europe, some servers are in plenty of different countries, meaning there are now higher chances to find players based on your primary language – although it is not too likely.