Valorant: How to refund agents, contracts, and weapon skins

One of the most viable features in Valorant is the refund system in which you may be able to refund your unused content. Neat, right?

Although you should expect that there may be some limitations. But still, utilizing the refund system in Valorant may provide some significant advantage, and may turn some of your spare purchased items into with VP or RP provided that these were bought within the last seven days.

So, keep reading to know how you can refund agents, contracts, and weapon skins in Valorant.

How to Refund Agents, Contracts, and Weapon Skins in Valorant

In order for you to refund Agents in Valorant, follow the link here and once you have opened it, log in using your Riot account.

If you are already logged in, scroll down and look for the Order History option. It will give you a list of all your purchases, including the name of the item, purchase date, and price.

Choose the claim refund option on the items you do not need anymore. It will then redirect you to a Valorant client which will show a small patch. Once it is done, the RP you spent will then be added to your current RP.

But you should take note that the refund system only works for agents, the VP, and weapon skins. It is not available for unused character contract levels and bundles.

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