Valorant: How To Ping Enemies and Locate Them for Teammates

A player aiming down sights on an enemy using the Guardian on the Bind map in Valorant.

A player aiming down sights on an enemy using the Guardian on the Bind map in Valorant.

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter created by Riot Games. It sees teams of five go against each-other in a race to attack or defend sites, and teamwork is highly important. Therefore, it makes sense that Riot has borrowed an idea from Apex Legends by offering a ping system.

The ping system can be confusing at first, so here’s our guide on how to ping an enemy and reveal their location to your team.

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How To Use Valorant's Ping System

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Valorant's ping system is an ideal way of communicating without wasting time to use text chat in the middle of a firefight, and if you're not comfortable chatting using voice communications.

To alert teammates and place a mark on the map, you can ping them. To do this, just hit your ping key, which is 'Z' by default' and whatever you're aiming at will be highlighted to your team. Of course, in more lethal scenarios you're more likely to head straight to firing your weapon, but it's nice to know the option is there.

If you do have an extra second or two, you can bring up the ping wheel with the key you've assigned to it and can then find Combat, Social and Strategic pings. You can customise hotkeys on a per-ping basis (try to say that ten times fast), so you can set one for when you're requesting support, or to tell players to take caution.

How To Ping an Enemy in Valorant

Ping system settings in Valorant.
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To specifically ping an enemy in Valorant is arguably easier than other pings. With your sight centred on the enemy, just quickly tap your ping hotkey (again, 'Z' by default) to alert your team.

That's all you need to know about using the ping wheel to notify teammates of where enemies are hiding. For more information on how to communicate effectively and do well in Valorant, check out our guides on how to use text chat and how to improve your gameplay.

Ping system images courtesy of Valorant's FAQ.

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