Valorant: How To Get Pride Cards

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This June we celebrate Pride month and with that, Valorant announced the Pride cards which can be notched by players worldwide.

The 2020 breakout FPS title by Riot Games themed these Pride cards with the rainbow and colorful vibe associated with the LGBTQIA+ community. There are seven of those which you can claim by using their corresponding codes.


Keep reading and we’ll let you know how to get the Pride cards in Valorant.

How To Get Pride Cards In Valorant

Here are the codes you can use to claim the Valorant pride cards:

  • prismatic – To claim the purple, blue, green, yellow, red, and orange Pride card representing the LGBTQIA+ pride.
  • cottoncandy – To claim the blue, pink, and white Pride card representing the Transgender pride.
  • primary – To claim the yellow, pink, and blue Pride card representing the Pansexual pride.
  • galactic – To claim the yellow, purple, white, and black Pride card representing the Non-binary pride.
  • sunset – To claim the pink, purple, and blue Pride card representing the Bisexual pride.
  • twilight – To claim the purple, white, grey, and black Pride card representing the Asexual pride.
  • sherbert (sherbet) – To claim the red, orange, white, purple, and pink Pride card representing the Lesbian pride.

How To Use The Redeem Codes In Valorant

You just need to go to the official Valorant redeem page. Log in with your account then type in the code you want to use to redeem a Pride card. Once you enter it, the rewards will be automatically sent to your game inbox.


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