VALORANT Getting Coaching Slots with Patch 2.08

Riot Games are continuing to improve their competitive scene and will be adding coaching slots into the game later this month.

Less than a year after the game's launch, changes are being made to improve the competitive play in VALORANT, showing that Riot Games are committed to growing the game as an esport.

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VALORANT Getting Coaching Slots with Patch 2.08

In the latest Ask VALORANT blog post, the team answered questions focused on current issues in the competitive community.

The team were asked when coaching slots were coming and confirmed they will be arriving with patch 2.08 coming late April.

Riley Yurk, who is a part of VALORANT’s Esports strategy said, “we continue to be excited at the prospect of coaches playing a larger role in matches and plan to provide more analytical tools in the future.”

The system coming in 2.08 is just the foundation of the feature and Yurk says it is “something we plan on continuously innovating on.”

Coaching slots were initially leaked a few weeks ago via Valorant Leaks on Twitter, where the string of code hinted at the possibility of multiple coach slots per team.

These changes come just a month before Masters: Reykjavik which is being held on the 24th – 30th of May. It will be interesting to see what teams can adopt the strongest coach strategy for this tournament.

Keep your eyes open for this change and more information coming soon as Episode 2 Act 2 is set to end tomorrow, and Act 3 is expected to launch soon after.

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