Valorant Week 8 Challenges Leaked

Valorant Episode 2-Act III is just around the corner, and with that, the last week's challenges have been leaked as well. According to the leaker, the week 8 challenges were added with the latest Hotfix to the game. Therefore, players can expect to see the challenges soon in the game.

Here is a look at the following weekly challenges for Valorant:

1. Play 10 Games: 16,000 XP
2. Kill 100 Enemies: 16,000 XP
3. Get 45 Headshots: 16,000 XP

While. Week 8 challenges provide the player with 16,000 XP for completing each of these missions.
Week 7, on the other hand, gave 21,280 XP to the players, and it is significantly more than week 8. The whole situation is scrutinised by the community as the XP usually gets higher as the weeks advance in the game.

As the requirements of these challenges are very low, it is understandable why the developers pushed mini-weekly challenges to help players reach the final tier of the battle pass.

However, if you are grinding, the battle pass and completing the challenges daily as they appear. Then, your battle pass should almost be over, and you might look to finish the Epilogue challenges to earn the last bit of rewards in the game.

Valorant Episode 2-Act III is scheduled to end on 27th April 2021.

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