Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 Run It Back Bundle: Weapon Skins, Price, Release Date and More

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Valorant's Episode 2 arrives next week to the popular FPS game from Riot Games.

The current Episode of Valorant is coming to an end, after three amazing Acts.

This next update will bring the usual additions such as a new Agent and Battle Pass.

But, with this being a new Episode, we could see huge changes to the way the game plays and what is included.

A new Act also means new skins obtainable within the battle pass and item shop.

However, Riot is giving players a unique opportunity to purchase some skins they have missed in previous seasons. 

Here are all the skins within the Run It Back Bundle! 

What Is It

The Run It Back Bundle is going to be a set of skins from previous seasons that Riot is going to give players the opportunity to purchase if they have missed the chance to beforehand.

This allows players to pick up some skins that they may have missed and would love to get their hands on! 


Each skin as a part of this bundle will be priced at 1775 VP!


The following skins will be apart of the Run It Back Bundle: 

  • Sovereign Ghost
  • Oni Phantom
  • Prime Spectre
  • Nebula Ares
  • Spline Operator

Be sure to let us know what skins if any you plan on picking up!

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