Valorant: Price, DLC And Microtransactions

Valorant is the brand new tactical FPS from Riot Games, and has finally launched.

Wondereing how much it will cost or whether there will be microtransactions and DLC?

Here are all of the details.

Valorant Price

Valorant will be a free-to-play game and will cost users nothing to download.

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DLC And Microtransactions

Valorant will include microtransactions and other DLC.

This will come at a cost to the user but will vary depending on the item you want to buy - items can be bought through the in-game store.

None of these items will impact gameplay and at the moment these cosmetic items come in the form of weapon skins and sprays.


Characters skins are definitely on the agenda, however, Anna Donlan (Valorant Executive Producer) has highlighted that skins can change the integrity of the game by interfering with the hitboxes or making players easily identifiable.

One thing Valorant really want to ensure stays intact is the consistency and integrity of the game. Character hitboxes have all been designed to be the same, so when creating character skins they need to ensure it doesn't impact gameplay.

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