Valorant: Bind Peek Can Lead Your Team To Victory!

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Valorant recently held its first major tournament, with the Nerd Street Gamers X TI Invitational! With a peek of over 50,000 viewers, the future is bright for the game.

If you are an aspiring player within the Valorant scene, you may want to know all secrets regarding the game.


One has emerged on Bind, which can lead to your rank improving faster.

Here is the secret.

What Map? 

This peek was found on the map Bind, which is one of the first map introduced into the game and has the unique teleporters!


This peek will also only work on the attacking side of the map. 


What Is It? 

So, the peek itself is relatively easy; as the attacking player will only need to boost themselves on top of edge on the long side which approaches B.


This peek was originally tweeted by @ValorantUpdates and the player who discovered the peek was u/RA3MON.

Check out the peek below!

Defenders will never see this clever #VALORANT attacking spot on Bind coming ?Credit: u/RA3M0N
— Valorant News (@ValorantUpdates)
June 28, 2020

What Weapons Should I Use? 

Pretty insane peek, isn't it? The defending players will not expect this sort of angle, but be aware as more and more players use this peek, players will adjust for it to some degree. 


If you are on the attacking side, we recommended you use the Operator or the Marshall for this peek! It will offer the most damage with this type of peek, so your enemy will have no time to react.