Valorant: Breach Agent Guide - Abilities, Best Weapons, Equipment, Tips And Tricks

Valorant, Riot Games' competitive shooter, is here - and we've been checking out the characters. This time we're looking at Breach.

Breach sounds like he'll be lethal in close-quarters combat, capable of blinding and stunning enemies.

Here's our guide to this agent.

Breach Myth Gameplay

Breach Abilities

Here are Breach's abilities:

  • Aftershock – We're waiting for some news on what Aftershock does.
  • Flashpoint – your standard Flashbang-style non-lethal throwable.
  • Fault Line – A stun grenade that slows an enemy and throws their aim off-kilter.
  • Rolling Thunder – Again, we're waiting for an update on what this Ultimate Ability is, but early playtesters have reported that it's impressively powerful.

Gameplay Guide

Breach could be a lethal combatant in the right scenario. With the ability to stun and blind enemies, they could take out an entire team with one flanking manoeuver before they even know the player is there.

We can't wait to find out about the rest of Breach's abilities.

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