Valorant's New Agent, Astra, Can Break The Game

Valorant's brand new update brings Astra into the game's roster, but she's already proving contentious amongst the game's community.

Not only can she view the Spike while in her Astral Form, but she can also get stuck in that form – rendering her useless.

Valorant's New Agent, Astra, Can Break The Game

The game's fifteenth Agent already has changes in the works, but for now, it's worth using her Astral Form with caution.

Twitch streamer lexeratv was playing as Astra, and managed to get stuck in Astral Form.

Check it out below:


That means Astra was essentially defenceless, unable to move around the map, raise a weapon, or even return from Astral Form.

Expect a hotfix to solve whatever caused the issue, but that could take some time. In the interim, we'd recommend logging any instances of this bug so we can build an idea of how to stop it from happening again.

Still, if you are committed to playing as Astra (and her unique abilities make her a tempting pick), be sure to check out our full guide to her abilities... you know, when they work.

We've also heard more news about a potential mobile port of the game. Find out all we know here.

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