Valorant: Dr Disrespect's April Fool's prank catches everyone out – including Riot Games staff

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Valorant, Riot Games' next big project, is starting to build plenty of hype – with the beta arriving on April 3.

In fact, fans are so excited for the game that they fell for Dr Disrespect's latest prank hook, line and sinker


In a tweet on April 1st, the Doc shared a great looking character skin that depicted him in the game, framed by Valorant's distinct colouring.

"DOC /// U.S.A. "They always peek one more time." #VALORANT Exclusive Day 1 hero skin when you subscribe to" he said, which got players jumping to hit the subscribe button.

Doc had us fooled

Keeping the joke going, Doc reiterated the skin was available for subscribers, then stated "No, it has nothing to do with April 1st. Nothing at all". The sly dog.


Arguably the funniest part of the prank is the reaction, including that of League of Legends Communications Lead Ryan Rigney who confirmed that he'd been asked about whether the skin is real or not on a conference call.

Even Riot employees fell for the hoax skin

Time will tell, but maybe Valorant will get a Doc skin now just for fun.