VALORANT: Riot Games Announces New SPECTRUM Skin line in Collaboration With ZEDD

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Riot Games recently announced the upcoming ZEDD collaboration in VALORANT, and fans cannot wait to see what the devs have in store.

The official post from VALORANT's twitter handle informed the community about this upcoming skin line. Fans got a glimpse of this collaboration in the One Year Anthem, which featured ZEDD.

This new Spectrum skin line will arrive in-game after the Episode 3 Act 2 update which drops on 8-9th September 2021.

If you're wondering about the price, cosmetics and release date, then we have you covered. Here's everything you need to know about the ZEDD skins coming to VALORANT.


Anton Zaslavski (aka Zedd) is a Grammy award-winning artist, producer, DJ and Immortal-ranked VALORANT player. The new Spectrum skin line is created in direct collaboration with Riot's developers.

The official description states: "Inspired by the intersection of sound and color spectrums, the SPECTRUM skin is a high-energy, futuristic-looking skin line driven by electronic audio visualization elements. SPECTRUM is VALORANT’s first audio-driven skin line, and was developed in collaboration with Grammy award-winning artist, producer, DJ, and Immortal-ranked VALORANT player, Zedd."

Release Date

The SPECTRUM skin line will be the first animated cosmetics coming in Episode 3 Act 2. Players can expect the bundle to be present in the shop once the update goes live.


The SPECTRUM bundle is a part of the Exclusive Edition in VALORANT. The entire bundle is priced at 10,700 VP.

The key features of this skin line are as follows:

  • Audio Visualization
  • Driven-by-Sound
  • Upbeat, Sci-Fi
  • Colorful


This image features the red, black and purple variant of the SPECTRUM skin line in VALORANT.
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The SPECTRUM skin line in VALORANT (Image via Riot Games)
  • SPECTRUM Phantom
  • SPECTRUM Classic
  • SPECTRUM Bulldog
  • SPECTRUM Guardian
  • WAVEFORM (melee)
  • SPECTRUM Gun Buddy
  • ZEDD Gun Buddy
  • SPECTRUM Spray

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Animation Levels

This image features the white variant of the SPECTRUM Skin line coming in VALORANT.
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The white variant in SPECTRUM Skin line coming in VALORANT (Image via Riot Games)
  • Level 1 - Custom model with custom ADS reticle that changes colour as you move
  • Level 2 - Custom muzzle flash and firing audio; muzzle flash colour changes as you move
  • Level 3 - Custom equip and reload visual effects and audio; visual effects and accent colours change color as you move; custom inspect sound that is unique for each weapon and pulses to the beat of the sounds
  • Level 4 - Kill Banner and Finisher (Finisher colours change depending on location

Zedd's Quotes

The very first time I got my hands on VALORANT, I pretty much stopped playing all other games. It was the perfect combination of my favorite games.

When I was younger I was obsessed with Counter-Strike, and in recent years I played loads of Overwatch, but felt like the room for “clutch” moments just wasn’t there. When I heard about VALORANT, I thought it could combine my love for abilities with the high-consequence gameplay of a game like Counter-Strike.

Q: What are your top tips for new players first trying out Valorant?

Zedd: I think finding the right sensitivity that works for YOU, and sticking with it to develop some muscle memory is helpful. Furthermore, communication and a positive team spirit is possibly the most important advantage you can have in VALORANT. Whenever I get into a game I always say ‘Hello’ and ask everyone who they like to play. Just starting off with positive vibes will lift the team morale and will make everyone play better. Remember; everyone has bad days and if your Jett is bottom fragging the best you can do for your own game is to boost that spirit.

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