Valheim: How to Craft and Control a Raft

If you're exploring Valheim, a raft is a vital piece of equipment to have, allowing you to easily traverse the landscape and use water as makeshift roads. It should be one of your first priorities, but don't worry - we'll show you how to build and control the raft in our easy guide below.

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How to Craft a Raft in Valheim

Building a raft is likely one of the first things you may find yourself doing in Valheim. To craft one, you'll need the following ingredients:

Some of these are easier to get hold of than others. You'll find an abundance of wood around the map, but you'll need to kill boars and deer to get Leather Scraps, and Greylings to get resin.

To place your boat, you'll need to build a Workbench near water, and craft a hammer so you can craft the raft. It should appear in the water close to the Workbench.

Raft Controls 

To control your raft, you'll need to use the standard 'WASD' controls, similar to moving about normally. However, wind direction is a very important factor here - if you're sailing into the wind, you may move incredibly slowly or not at all, so to some extent you'll be dependent on good weather. The inverse also holds true though - if you're sailing with the wind, you'll go faster and reach your destination more efficiently.

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The reality is that if you want to sail somewhere, it might be best to delay leaving until the wind is favourable, otherwise you might end up burning time and energy going nowhere quickly.

Of course, in the meantime there's plenty more to check out before you set sail! Find out how to craft bronze here, or check out how you can upgrade your workbench here!

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