Valheim: How To Farm Feathers Fast

Valheim has been the center of the gaming world recently.

The brand new game has taken over the Steam marketplace, and the game is an ample amount of fun.

There are lots to do within the virtual world of Valheim, including finding resources.

Feathers are one of these resources you may be wondering how to get as fast as possible.

Here's the best way to obtain these feathers!



While most of you are aware that feathers can be found via birds within Valheim.

You may notice that they drop randomly when slaying them; so it can be a bit of pain to find them.

One of the best tips we can recommend to you is to try and find a large open area where a lot of these birds spawn.

While here, make use of the bow you crafted and starting hunting these birds.

But, another tip we can say is that we recommend that you do not try and shoot these arrows at the birds until they are stopped on the ground or within the tree.

If they are flying, then you are going to miss a lot of arrows, and you will find yourself back at your base crafting more soon enough.

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