Valheim: How To Craft Metal The Fastest Way Possible

Valheim has been the center of the gaming world recently.

The brand new game has taken over the Steam marketplace, and the game is an ample amount of fun.

There are lots to do within the virtual world of Valheim, including crafting.

Metal is one of the most sought after materials within the game, and you may be wondering how you can make this material fast.

Here's the best way possible!



As of now, there are some ways you will be able to quickly craft material within the game.

While players are well aware of the Smelter, which is the item you will be able to use to craft metal; it does take some time to process.

One of the best time savers we recommend checking out is to place all your materials in the smelter before you go to sleep.

This will allow all the metal to craft while your player is asleep, rather than going around the world during the day waiting for it to happen.

Be sure to let us know how you are finding Valheim, and if you are excited for the future of the game!

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