Uncharted Movie Actually Spun Tom Holland For Plane Sequence

Uncharted is coming to the big screen soon, with Tom Holland swapping his web-shooters for a treasure map. The PlayStation franchise is well known for its wild set-pieces, one of which has been replicated in the forthcoming movie.

In a new behind-the-scenes video (via Sony Pictures Entertainment), Holland detailed how the iconic scene was converted to film. To make the segment as realistic as possible, the British actor was flung around on set.

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Uncharted Movie Actually Spun Tom Holland For Plane Sequence

We previously caught 2 minutes of the scene in an extended clip, showcasing Nathan Drake's battle against thieves, cars, and gravity. Even though the actor wasn't actually thrown out of a plane, the 25-year old was swung about while attached to a box mid-air.

The star proclaims it was the hardest action scene he's had to film:

We must have shot that for 5 weeks, almost everyday. At times, I’d be almost 100 feet in the air, attached to a box that was spinning. And then basically I would hang on until it would throw me off.

The Uncharted franchise features nail-biting action, taking players through a range of emotions. The sequence aims to replicates this, with Holland claiming the anxiety experienced during the shoot somewhat added to the realism of the scene.

It was really scary. But, I think that level of fear makes that scene more authentic.
Nathan Drake and Sully are looking around a room, with Drake holding a torch.
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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception also celebrated its 10th-anniversary in November. Naughty Dog commemorated this occasion by detailing production of the very same cargo sequence.

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