Is Uncharted 5 On The Way Or Just A Developer Having Some Fun?

Uncharted 5 may be in the works, at least according to the latest rumours going around online.

Unfortunately, Naughty Dog doesn’t seem to be working on the project but a new Sony San Diego team could be the ones who are. 

Considering two others were behind God of War series and MLB: The Show, we aren’t too bummed out.

Here’s everything we know!

Is Uncharted 5 Being Developed?

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LinkedIn is where it's happening...seriously (Image: LinkedIn)

Sony San Diego is likely working on an existing Sony IP, at least according to LinkedIn.

Yes, it’s time to “Say congrats” to a ResetEra user who spotted an interesting bit of info on Michael Mumbauer’s profile.

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Mumbauer is the former development boss for Sony San Diago and on his page he includes the line that he helped create a “brand new, all-star” team.

This team will allegedly work on triple-A action-adventure titles, and if that genre rings any bells for PlayStation fans there’s more!

Mumbauer also shares a link to a video by YouTuber RobinGaming titled “Sony Is Secretly Building A New PlayStation Studio… To Make Uncharted 5?!”

This is absolutely an intentional move by Mumbauer but whether he is being serious or just having a joke at our expense is yet to be determined.

It’s been some time since 2017 where we last saw Uncharted, and with a movie coming at some point in the future the teams at Sony may want a game to release and recapture hype for the Naughty Dog franchise.

How involved The LAst of Us devs will be is also unknown, nut it appears they’ve moved on to other games and franchises at this point.

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