Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2: How To Unlock Levels and Parks

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2, the remastered pairing of the Birdman's first two virtual outings, is out now.

If you've jumped in, you might be wondering how you'll need to unlock more skate parks. After all, as fun as the Warehouse is, there's plenty more to see.


Here's how.

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THPS 1 + 2: How To Unlock New Levels and Parks

Each of the game's campaigns is kept separate within the menus, so you'll need to pick one to begin with to kick things off.


So, if you pick the first game, you'll start with just the Warehouse unlocked, for example.

Before your first run, you'll be given a checklist of tasks to complete - don't worry, you don't need to complete them all to be able to move on.

Instead, you'll be given a number to tick off to be able to unlock the next park.

Completing these will then unlock the next park, but you can also keep ticking off objectives to open up parks without necessarily moving on.


Obviously, you'll eventually run out of tasks to complete, but it can allow you to open a couple of parks at once!

Of course, once you've unlocked all the THPS parks, you can move onto the second game.

Moving quickly through the objectives should ensure you unlock them all in a day or two, and then you can get stuck into the tougher score-based challenges.

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You can find it here.