Timberborn: How To Use Cheats And Console Commands

Players can access Timberborn's deeper controls through its console commands. With this feature, you can utilise cheats that give players access to resources, letting you fiddle with the other features.

Using these commands can permanently alter a playthrough, so here's what you need to know.

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How To Access Console Commands

While playing Timberborn, players can access console commands by pressing Shift+Alt+Z. You can type in commands to activate administrator privileges, providing resources and forcefully toggling features to a different setting.

Elsewhere, players can check the debug menu through pressing Shift+Alt+X too. This feature matters less with inputting cheats, though it can help check if your game is about to crash from these forceful changes.

All The Cheats and Console Commands

Alongside resources, Timberborn also provides cheats that meddle with the camera, weather, models and water simulation. Here are the known Timberlands console commands so far:

  • Camera State: Restore - Returns to the saved Camera state
  • Camera State: Save - Saves the player's Camera State (position and angle)
  • Camera: FOV - - Reduces the player camera's Field Of View
  • Camera: FOV + - Increases the player camera's Field Of View
  • Camera: Free Mode - turns the player's camera to free control again
  • Camera: Move clip plane farther - Moves the clip plane far
  • Camera: Move clip plane nearer - Move the clip plane close
  • Camera: Move target down - Vertically lowers the camera
  • Camera: Move target up - Vertically heightens the camera
  • Dump Mesh Metrics - Unknown effect
  • Highlight resource reproduction spots - Unknown effect
  • Kill 30% of population - Removes 1/3 of your current Beaver population
  • Kill selected beaver [DEL] - Removes highlighted beaver
  • Metrics: Reset - Unknown effect
  • Metrics: Write to disk - Unknown effect
  • Sky: Toggle fog - turns the fog feature on or off
  • Soil moisture: reset - Recalculates soil moisture
  • Speed x30 [4] - gives 30 times game speed
  • Speed x99 [5] - gives 99 times game speed
  • Toggle drought - Starts or ends the drought
  • Toggle GC - Unknown effect
  • Toggle models: Beavers - Toggle showing or hiding Beaver models
  • Toggle models: Natural resources - Toggle showing or hiding natural resources
  • Toggle models: Terrain - Toggle showing or hiding terrain
  • Toggle models: Water - Toggle showing or hiding water
  • Toggle models: Buildings - Toggle showing or hiding bbuildings
  • Toggle nav mesh - Unknown
  • Water simulation: Reset speed - Returns water speed to default
  • Water simulation: Reset simulation - Removes all water from the world and starts spawning new water from all sources again
  • Water simulation: x10 - Speeds up water simulation by 10x
  • Water simulation: x3 - Speeds up water simulation by 3x
  • Delete object - can delete special natural objects like water sources
  • Beaver icon - Instantly spawns a Beaver
  • Starting Location - Select a new starting location on a map
  • Water Source - Creates a water-generating rock on the tile
  • Barrier - creates an indestructible barrier
  • Ruins - places a Ruin on the spot
  • Modify inventory - Change the contents of a building
  • Finish now - Instantly completes the building progress

So far, these console commands can help players traverse the game faster and safely from losing their beavers in the game.

Why Use Console Commands

Players aiming to enjoy Timberborn can use these console commands to keep getting resources and population, securing the survival of their beavers. Using these cheats could allow players to experience this in a creative environment, testing out the limits of the game for a non-standard gameplay.

If you're aiming for a fun playthrough, feel free to use these commands until the game crashes.

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