Timberborn: How To Get More Beavers

As a building simulator, Timberborn requires players to take care of their population to pursue larger projects, which includes looking after beavers.

Population control is crucial in getting things done to survive in the long run, so here's what you need to know.

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Timberborn - What Is Required For More Beavers

To start making more beavers, players must build huts, securing one male beaver and one female beaver inside. This setup allows them beavers to procreate and make children. These children grow up fast and adult beavers are then incorporated into the workforce.

To make huts, players need a lot of wood. However, be careful as making too many huts can encourage your beavers to overpopulate, which could be bad if resources are running thin.

Timberborn - How To Keep Beavers Happy

Beavers do not automatically procreate if they're in huts. They'll need to be happy, which can be achieved if their needs are met. To secure this, players need a food and water source near their settlement. Build structures near these resources and they'll be eager to add more to the workforce.

Timberborn - Why Have More Beavers

To push through in the game, players require a larger workforce to create bigger projects at a reasonable speed. However, players must be careful to avoid overpopulating.

Make sure to remove huts to prevent beavers from making more once done. If necessary, players can remove all huts to control the population.

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