Witcher 3 Players Aren't Fans Of Ciri Sex Doll

A promo screenshot for The Witcher 3.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

The world of gaming has produced some rather strange products over the years, from Resident Evil cologne to an Angry Birds bra and the infamous Xbox Series X mini-fridge.

However, these options pale in comparison to an item based on The Witcher 3 which has recently caused a stir on Reddit, with users attempting not to think too much about why it exists or what its intended customer might look like.

Yep, make sure you’ve got one of those Men in Black memory erasers handy because someone’s made a Ciri sex doll.

We Drift Further From the Light With Each Passing Day

The item in question has become the subject of a thread on the subreddit r/witcher, with user cheremhett having posted an image of it, prompting plenty of discussion from users.

Thankfully, many were swift to try and steer the conversation elsewhere, with user TimeNew1894 directly responding “how about a round of Gwent?”and trashmunki responding to another user asking whether the doll could just be used as a decorative statue by suggesting that it is “exclusively for playing Gwent with.”

Other users attempted to cope with the discovery that the doll exists via humour, with TallFroGuy quipping: “they wanted to start with a Yennefer model but the inclusion of a life-size stuffed unicorn kept driving production prices up” and artyhedgehog adding: “can I get an outraged Geralt doll as well? Otherwise, it doesn't feel believable.”

The humour even infiltrated the replies of those expressing their disgust, with user alexramirez69 responding to another user's comment that the doll’s creators may need to ‘touch grass’ by saying: “trial of avoiding grasses”, eluding to the experiment that produces witchers.

A few confused users asked how cheremhett had found out the doll exists, leading them to divulge that it had been posted on a Polish comedy Facebook page.

Overall, the mood towards the discovery was summed up by two users in the thread, with NineTailedDevil simply stating: “this is bizarre” and another stating: “what a way to start father's day. Thanks, Reddit.”

Once you’ve erased all memory of the doll from your mind, make sure to follow us for more updates on the next Witcher game when we learn more about it.

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