The Forgotten City: How To Get Into the Villa

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The Forgotten City. Malleolus's Villa from the outside. The villa is a grand building with columns and large above the front door with carvings engraved in the roof. There are steps leading up to the main door and trees.

In The Forgotten City, an election will take place at the end of the day. The two challengers in the election when you arrive are the current leader, Sentius and the man who wants his position, Malleolus. In your quest to figure out who will break the golden rule, you will need to find a way to speak to Malleolus who is inside his locked villa. We're going to show you how to get into the villa and fortunately, there are three ways to do this.

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Table of Contents

How To Get Into the Villa

There are three ways that you can get into the Malleolus's Villa but all of them will need you to have performed some actions before you can get into the building.

Option One: Watch Ulpius Jump

After you get the Silphium Resin for Lucretia to save Lulia, you need to go into the temple and speak to Lulia. You should follow our guide on how to save Ulpius until the point he jumps off of the ledge by the Bluff. Once he jumps, you can jump after him and land safely in the body of water in the middle of the Villa. This will unlock an achievement at the same time. You can then follow the rest of the mission to save Ulpius if you like but once you save Ulpius, you cannot get into the Villa the same way.


Option Two: Turn the Vines Into Gold

Once you have figured out how to get into the palace and find Naevia, you will have the golden bow. You should know that the bow can turn organic matter into gold and this is how you can get into the villa. If you walk up the steps outside of the villa towards the main door and look to your right, you should see some vines. Shoot the vines to turn them into gold and then scale up them. You will be able to safely jump from the roof into the water in the middle of the villa.

Option Three: Pay Domitus

If you have over a thousand Denarii in your pocket, you can pay Domitus and he will give you a key for the villa. To do this, walk up to Domitus who can be found outside the villa (typically doing press-ups). When you speak to him, choose these options to get the key:

  • What's your story?
  • I'd like to meet Malleolus
  • Afford what?
  • Tell him you have a thousand Denarii

He will then give you the key and you can unlock the front door to walk into the villa.

You can also pay Domitus with Golden Goose Eggs. To do this, you will need to have the golden bow. Once you have this, start walking back from the palace towards the portal until the path splits into two. Follow the path that leads to a lower level and you should be facing a waterfall. On your left you should see this:

The Forgotten City, the entrance to Galerius's farm. The stone pathway leads around a bend toward a waterfall. On the left are two golden statues and a small opening that leads to the farm.

Walk through the little opening here onto Galerius's farm. Head to your right and you will see a pile of hay. On top of this pile will be a set of Goose Eggs. Shoot these with an arrow to turn them gold and then you can sell these to Domitus in the same way you would with Denarii.

Getting into the villa to speak to Malleolus will lead to other quests in The Forgotten City. There are multiple quests in the game that can get quite complicated but we have some guides to help. We have one guide that shows you how to find the cure for Rheumatism and another that shows you how to stop the assassin.