Ubisoft Announce Tom Clancy’s The Division ‘Year One’ Content Plan

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With less than a week to go until the launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft have announced the official details of their ‘Year One’ content plan.

In a blog post on the official Tom Clancy’s The Division website, developer Ubisoft revealed further information around their post-release plans for the upcoming open world third-person shooter.

To kick things off, Ubisoft stated that a series of new tasks and challenges will be integrated into the Division’s main storyline and end-game through daily and weekly missions, in addition to Dark Zone events. Adding even more bang for your buck!

If that wasn’t already enough, Ubisoft also announced that a total of five major updates are schedule for release in 2016, beginning with two free expansions.


Free Update - Incursions:

In April, the first update will introduce a new challenging end-game activity, designed specifically for squad play. Incursions will test the skill and teamwork of your Division Agents, as you take on “unstoppable enemies for high-level loot.


The Incursions update also implements one of the most demanded community features — loot trading. Players can now rejoice, as they will be able to trade collected loot amongst themselves during a co-op game session.

Free Update - Conflict:

The month of May will welcome the second free update, Conflict, which is set to add an unknown Dark Zone feature and a new incursion into New York’s iconic Columbus Circle.

Paid Expansion:

Following the release of the free updates, Tom Clancy’s The Division will receive three paid expansions over the course of the remaining year. As previously announced by Ubisoft, all three expansions will be available to those who own the Season Pass and the Gold or Collector’s Edition of the game.

  • The Division Expansion I:Underground will force a change in scenery, as players swap their traditional hunting ground of the streets of New York City, for the uncharted mazes and tunnels of the underground network.
  • The Division Expansion II: Survival will challenge players to scavenge and survive for as long as possible in a hostile environment.
  • The Division Expansion III: Last Stand introduces players to a new foe, simply described as a “relentless threat.” 

Tom Clancy’s The Division will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 8th. The first expansion is set for release in June with Underground and will end in the winter with Last Stand.

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