How Long Is The Division 2 Server Maintenance?

Division 2, Ubisoft's popular third-person loot-shooter, has had a quiet 2021 but there are always patches to deploy and fixes to be made.

With that in mind, it's not uncommon for Ubisoft to take the game offline for a period while it updates it, leading to some lengthy server maintenance outages and downtime.

Here's how long they usually last.

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How Long Is The Division 2 Server Maintenance?

As per Ubisoft's usual updates, downtime traditionally runs from 9:30 CEST (8:30 BST) for around three hours.

Ubisoft will also update its forums when maintenance is scheduled, and when it's complete, as well as send out a tweet from the game's official account as per below.

Despite developer Massive working on a new Avatar game and a new Star Wars open-world title, more content is expected for The Division 2.

Ubisoft confirmed that the majority of the game's 2020 content will be recycled in 2021, with new content coming later this year.

The franchise will also add a free-to-play entry, The Division: Heartland.

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