The Division 2's 'Operation Iron Horse' Raid Is Out Now, Here's All We Know

The Division 2 just got its second raid with Operation Iron Horse, meaning it's time to head back to Washington D.C.

Here's everything we know about the latest piece of endgame content, as well as what level you'll need to be to try it.

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The Division 2 Operation Iron Horse Details

To jump into the raid today, you'll need to be level 40 and own the latest expansion, Warlords of New York. This will get you access to the raid, but if you don't want to pick up the expansion there's another version launching on July 7 that doesn't require it (and is available for level 30 players).

You'll also soon be able to try the raid in "Discovery Mode", which lets you practice the mechanics at a reduced difficulty level. That'll include matchmaking, too.


A reminder that raids are eight-player activities that are focused on mechanics as well as combat. As such, expect puzzles and teamwork to play a big part.

Operation Iron Horse takes place in United Ironworks, a huge manufacturing plant in DC, and will offer exclusive rewards to players brave enough to finish it. Check out the trailer below.

If you have played The Division 2 in recent weeks, you'll no doubt have experienced the buffs that Ubisoft has rolled out to multiple weapon types in response to player criticism of weaker weapons and spongey enemies.

That's alongside new gear to chase, and Season 2 hasn't even kicked off yet!

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