The NEW Xbox 20th Anniversary Controller And Headset Are HERE

It's been a staggering 20 years since the original Xbox came out and we got to experience the breathtaking highs of the like of Halo and so many more absolute classics.

To mark the occasion Microsoft has released two new instant classics in the form of a 20th Anniversary Controller and Headset, and trust us, these are must-have's for anyone who's been with Xbox from the beginning.

Here's a closer look at what you can get right now.

Xbox Wireless Controller - 20th Anniversary Special Edition

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Credit: Microsoft

If you had an Xbox you likely would have seen the transparent grey casing that featured on some of the slightly later models.

It looks amazing and gave the console a unique feel that couldn't quite be matched - at least we thought so.

To celebrate that iconic design, the new Xbox Wireless Controller - 20th Anniversary Special Edition features the same transparent, grey and green design.

It combines heavy nostalgia with an updated, clean look that compliments everything Xbox 20 years later.

And to mark the occasion, there's even a small 20 designed into the cover.

You can get this controller for £59.99.

Xbox Headset - 20th Anniversary Special Edition

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Credit: Microsoft

The Xbox headset 20th Anniversary Edition continues the theme and presents yet another instant classic when it comes to design.

Translucent black ear dials hark back to the older Xbox models and give you a look into the inner workings of this exceptional headset.

And as for the headset itself, it's also a real winner - featuring ingenious on-ear volume controls, outstanding sound, and a lightweight design so you can play for extended periods of time in comfort...and let's face it, that's what'll be happening if Halo Infinite multiplayer drops tonight.

This headset comes in at £59.99 - not bad if you ask us,

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