How Much Will The Oculus Quest 3 Cost? Here's What We Think

With Facebook Connect now in the rear view mirror, anticipation is building towards the pottential for a Oculus Quest 3 reveal in a future event with the big question on most people's minds is just how much it could cost.

Here's everything we know so far about how much the rumoured device could set you back, plus our own two cents on what to expect in the future.

Oculus Quest 3 Price

With the device largely shrouded in mystery, and at this stage only assumed to be going ahead rather than officially announced, there is no current indication of how much the Oculus Quest 3 would be.

But, we can make some informed predictions based on what's available and what's come before.

The Oculus Quest 2 retails around $299.99, and while that may not be as much as a PS5 or Xbox Series X, it is quite an expensive purchase.

There are however a ton of games to play on the device, so we think it's money well spent alongside the fact it features cool tech like hand tracking and you don't strictly need a PC to use it, but we digress!

The big question is, will we see an Oculus Quest 3 top the Quest 2's price point, and while we don't know for sure, we think Facebook's future plans with the metaverse could play a role.

Facebook's Metaverse Plans

At Facebook Connect, the company officially announced they were rebranding themselves to Meta and taking themselves in the direction of the metaverse.

This not only applies for gaming, where the Oculus Quest 2 and the ensuing Quest 3 and Project Cambria (predicted to be the Meta Quest Pro) are likely to sit, but also for social media. Meta's plans indicate a lofty ambition to make the time people spend online more valuable than ever before.

Seeing that the Oculus Quest 2 is primarily for gaming, it's difficult to predict how much a third iteration would be.

Will it follow the classic console pricing, where we see the 'next gen' version retail for significantly more than the older, or will we even get two versions...a standard and pro?

There may even be the possibility that the Quest line of headsets becomes more of a 'lifestyle VR' headset by integrating into the metaverse and allowing users to access such, alongside the raft of games available in the Oculus library.

The upcoming Project Cambria could therefore be a strictly VR gaming headset designed to rival the HTC Vive Pro and others and become one of the best VR headsets available, but this of course remains to be seen and is only a very loose idea.

Whilst Facebook Connect may have passed with little talk of an Oculus Quest 3, there are hopes for a future announcement that may shed more light on the headset's future.

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