Microsoft Could Be Planning a 3D Xbox Metaverse: Here's What We Know

With the huge announcement at this year's Facebook Connect event still fresh in our minds, it appears that other major companies want in on some of the sweet Metaverse pie...

We've now seen early sketches for what could be Microsoft's entry into the metaverse, and it looks like big things are heading our way.

In speaking to Bloomberg TV, current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that the company is looking at ways in which they can transport current 2D worlds into the 3D space, and touted games such as Halo, Minecraft, and Microsoft Flight Simulator as potential inclusions.

The brand is currently focused on implementing such features into its corporate apps, such as within a Microsoft Teams metaverse by allowing a higher level of integration of Microsoft Mesh, their virtual platform for meetings that can be used by phones, desktop PCs and VR headsets.

When Will The Xbox Metaverse Be Available?

As this was a simple comment about the potential for a gaming metaverse, details are understandably scant on what to expect by way of a release date.

The same also goes for potential device support, but it would make sense for Microsoft to utilise their own mixed-reality headset, the HoloLens 2, to allow users into the Xbox Metaverse.

What Is The Metaverse?

In short, a metaverse is a digital world filled with user-created avatars where people can interact virtually across a multitude of devices.

Analysis - Is The Metaverse Just A Trend Or The Future?

Currently, the idea of a 'metaverse' or a virtual world for avatars is a conceptual one, not least with the implementation of virtual or mixed reality into the equation.

On paper, it looks to be an interesting and quite forward-thinking idea as integrating VR does add a new dimension (no pun intended) to an already-piloted idea by MMORPG titles.

The games suggested by Nadella, including the wider Halo series and Microsoft Flight Simulator, do make this sound undoubtedly interesting and should make gamers hopeful for the future.

However, there is the argument that as Meta has set the ball rolling, that other firms are simply joining the bandwagon of a virtual world full of convenient interaction.

These early candid details from the Microsoft CEO arrive in the wake of the Facebook Connect event and speculation surrounding both Project Cambria and the potential release date of the Oculus Quest 3.

Even then, when a game like Microsoft Flight Simulator already features a detailed 3D world populated by players and live traffic, question marks are raised about how much different a VR or AR experience may be, and even if it'll be beneficial for some titles that are so immersive already.

It would make sense to surely expect more details in the future about Microsoft's plans for an Xbox Metaverse and what that will entail. When we get more info, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop about what to expect.

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