Dough reveals new 32 inch 4K Spectrum Black monitor

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the 4K Spectrum Black monitor

Today, Dough has announced a new addition to their upcoming Spectrum Black range of gaming monitors. The 32 inch OLED Spectrum Black will launch early in 2024.

The OLED version of the Spectrum Black will be the first monitor that offers 4K resolution at 240Hz, also boasting a 0.03ms response time, which should make it perfect for high level and competitive gaming.

Gorilla Glass included

One big selling point of the previously revealed QHD version is that it will be available with Corning’s Gorilla Glass, as well as a matte version. The Gorilla Glass massively improves visual quality, with Dough saying that ambient contrast ratio is increased by 40% and reflections are reduced by 70% on the Spectrum Black monitors.

a comparison of the different spectrum black screens
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While it’s a new addition to the Spectrum Black range, the 32 inch OLED version has been developed alongside the QHD version. Therefore, it is sharing a motherboard and won’t release long after the planned release date for the previously announced version, with Dough aiming for a April 2024 release.

Away from the Spectrum Black’s screen, it’ll feature all of the ports you’d expect from Dough’s monitors. There will be a DisplayPort, HDMI, USB C 100W, USB C, USB A, and a 3.5mm headphone jack to use.

Spectrum Black pricing and pre orders

Dough has also announced that the OLED Spectrum Black’s pricing will follow the same format as previous monitors. Once pre orders open, prices will start at $699 for matte model and $799 for the Gorilla Glass model and will slowly increase ahead of the final release date. At launch, the OLED Spectrum Black will cost $1099 and $1299 for the matte and Gorilla Glass versions respectively.


If you subscribe to Dough’s mailing list, you’ll get the first invitation to pre order the new versions of the monitor, but it will also be sold via all retailers who already stock Dough products, including Best Buy for those of you in the US.

We’ll have more on the Spectrum Black monitors, including our own impressions of it, in the coming months.

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